Version 2.1.3 pyslha-2.1.3

Allow ignoring of missing MASS block in SLHA reader

Fix kwargs passing from read/write*File to read/write*

Updating TODOs with the idea of a Doc class and fixing the kwargs unpacking

Add parsing robustness against unknown data section types, particularly the proposed XSECTION.

Added tag pyslha-2.1.2 for changeset d65f2e971a6a

Adding a reference to the arXiv paper in the package docstring and slhaplot help message. Version 2.1.2 pyslha-2.1.2

TODO note

Added tag pyslha-2.1.1 for changeset 84c07e20c637

Layout tweak for decay ID code alignment in SLHA output. Tagging as version 2.1.1 pyslha-2.1.1

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