Preserving the ordering of blocks, decays, and their their contents if possible, using ordered dicts. Version 1.5.0, since the behaviour has significantly altered. pyslha-1.5.0

Noted some suggested TODOs

Adding example spc file from Lukas to test NAN width/BR handling

Added tag pyslha-1.4.4 for changeset 6cae67cd3cc1 Fix handling of particles with NaN widths (and decay channels with NaN BRs). Both are filled into the blocks in readSLHA(File) now, with None as the value for the invalid width/BR: test for correctness with e.g. 'myparticle.width is not None'. BR == NaN decays will be added if the ignorenobr arg == False (the default). Thanks to Lukas Vanelderen for the report. pyslha-1.4.4

Added tag pyslha-1.4.3 for changeset 5dcd3f1622be

Tweak to setup and version bump to allow PyPI upload pyslha-1.4.3

Added tag pyslha-1.4.2 for changeset c04a4be80445 Adding install_requires for tex2pix so that PyPI/easy_install/pip automatic dependency handling will work. Version 1.4.2 pyslha-1.4.2

Adding a naive --aspect-ratio option, but the output is not ideal.

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